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About Us
India's leading healthcare Company based in the heart of Kolkata City, providing high quality surgical, healthcare and wellness products at most competitive prices.

This is an informative site about Riddhi Siddhi Surgical which tells about the products that we are currently dealing and for the consumers to aware of the products, along with their benefits and availability. It goes without any further doubt that the products that we sell online are sourced from some of the best companies in the World.

From our humble beginnings we rapidly built up an enviable reputation due to our ability to deliver surgical and healthcare solutions combined with unparalled customer service and support.

We are reaching the new heights in the areas of distribution & marketing that we have worked tirelessly since 2005 to separate ourselves from the ordinary and now we have set our eyes to expand beyond our country’s border and reach the world.

A little bit more about ourselves, we take pride in the fact that as of today we have a complete distribution network in the state of West Bengal, with ancillary supporting networks in the state of Bihar, Jharkhand & Orissa and we are shortly broad basing in the North East sector / Assam etc, also.

Healthy living

Healthcare is one of the most indispensable sectors of a person's life. Nowadays people have grown more health conscious and for them healthcare not only means diagnostic checkups but they also go for wellness and preventive checkups. People these days are more aware of the various types of healthcare products that are available in the market and endeavour to know their proper uses.

Healthcare equipments like Blood pressure monitors, Nebulizers, Diabetes monitors are common things in almost every health conscious household. As a result the healthcare scenario in India has shown signs of tremendous growth in the past decade.

Health undeniably is our most valuable asset. Our corporate objective is to contribute successfully towards the upkeep of good health and therefore good life..And this is exactly where we step in to provide you with our healthcare and wellness products to keep you Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.

Online Facility

The Launch of this site is made with the intension to launch on-line distribution and selling of the products to our customers and in this endeavour we promise to deliver the goods in quickest way to our customers from the time of procuring the order.

The Procedure of purchase would be simplified in a purchase form that the respective customer have to fill.